Onestybox Swing Tags and Booklets

Onestybox is a Christmas-spirit inspiring gift box created as part of a collaboration between By lottie and Sammy Hunt. We had the pleasure of printing swing tags and saddle stitched, eight page booklets for the project.

A close up photograph of a Kraft paper booklet with white ink reading Onestybox on the front. There is also a kraft paper swing tag with white toner printing. Both sit on top of a christmas present.

The swing tags have been printed in white on 100% recycled Cairn Eco Kraft, duplexed to 350gsm for a natural, rustic look and a solid feel.
The booklet covers use the same printing process and paper stock in a single ply. Inner pages are RISO printed in black ink on our house stock - 100% recycled Context Natural offset in 135gsm - echoing the natural look and feel of the covers.

A close up photograph of the onestybox logo, printed in white toner on a brown, environmentally friendly Kraft paper booklet A photograph of a number of items including a booklet with white toner printing, scroll and box in front of a christmas tree.

Photographs by Copper Crayon